Singin' Sunday School


What is Singin' Songs of Science?

You know how those TV commercial jingles get stuck in your head? These songs can have the same effect on your students!  Singin’ Songs of Science is a fun way for students of all ages to learn and remember basic science concepts.  

Teacher JP Taylor was amazed when he realized how many TV commercial jingles he could still remember from his childhood - and the details of the lyrics in the Schoolhouse Rock songs.  He realized “jingles” would be an effective way to communicate ideas and make them powerful learning tools for his students, and began writing and singing songs to help them learn important science concepts. In 1998 he produced the first album of his songs.

Since then Singin’ Songs of Science has grown into series of music cds and is used in classrooms around the world.  

On this website you'll find all the lyrics to all the songs - on all the albums. From the original
Singin' Songs of Science to Singin' Songs of Science Volume 2 the It All begins With You environmental songs performance album, and the latest Singin' Songs of Science 3.  Just click on the album page (right column) for the all the lyrics to that album, they're all on one page together for you.

Thanks for sharing the songs that make learning fun!